Black Bean & Black Sesame Porridge 검은콩흑임자죽 (330g)
Black Bean & Black Sesame Porridge 검은콩흑임자죽 (330g)
Black Bean & Black Sesame Porridge 검은콩흑임자죽 (330g)
Black Bean & Black Sesame Porridge 검은콩흑임자죽 (330g)
Black Bean & Black Sesame Porridge 검은콩흑임자죽 (330g)

Black Bean & Black Sesame Porridge 검은콩흑임자죽 (330g)

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Black food obtained from nature is rich in anthocyanin, a water-soluble pigment that gives black color, and is loved as a health food. Greating's presents Black Bean & Black Sesame Porridge, which is full of nutrients, using the representatives of black food such as black bean, black sesame, and black rice.

Black sesame seeds and black rice are finely ground and boiled in eco-friendly, reliable, domestic black beans. We added flavor with the peanut paste and seasoned it with eco-friendly halite salt and oligosaccharides harvested from the Alps to bring out the original taste of the ingredients. The nutritious pine nuts as a topping did not miss the chewy texture. The black visual may seem unfamiliar at first glance, but the moment you take a bite, you will fall in love with the savory flavor that fills your mouth.

Greating's rule

  • Greating's Principle-Nutrition Porridge
  • Black bean, black rice, black sesame, 3 types of black food used
  • The original taste of ingredients without added sugar


    This is different

    • 100% domestic black bean
    • Himalayan eco-friendly rock salt
    • Ground peanuts for a savorer taste

      Greating’s pick
      • Black beans: isoflavones, cysteine
      • Black rice: vitamin B1, B2, iron, zinc, selenium
      • Black Sesame: Calcium, Anthocyanin


      How to cook:

      1. Tear off the edges and heat in the microwave for 7 minutes.
      2. Add oligosaccharide or salt according to your preference.


      Octopus (Vietnam) 34%, Onion (Korea) 16.7%, Oligosaccharide, Cabbage (Korea) 5.6%, Red Pepper Powder, Carrot 4.2%, Green Onion 4.2%, Garlic 4.2%, Rape Seed Oil, Korean Soy Sauce, Liquid Allulose, Peanut Powder 1.6%, Fish Soy Sauce, Fermented Alcohol, Dry Red Pepper 0.3%, Aroma Yield, Roasted Salt, Black Pepper Powder


      *Keep in the freezer under -18c


      검은콩 흑임자 죽 (1인분)
      자연에서 얻은 검은색 식품, 블랙푸드는 검정빛을 내는 수용성 색소인 안토시아닌이 풍부해 건강 식재료로 사랑받고 있죠. 그리팅은 블랙푸드의 대표주자인 서리태, 흑임자, 흑미를 활용해 영양 가득한 검은콩 흑임자죽을 선보여요.

      믿고 먹을 수 있는 국내산 친환경 서리태콩에 흑임자와 흑미를 곱게 갈아 넣고 푹 끓여 냈어요. 땅콩 페이스트로 고소함을 더하고, 알프스산에서 채취한 친환경 암염소금과 올리고당으로 삼삼하게 간을 맞춰 재료 본연의 맛을 한껏 살렸어요. 영양 가득한 잣을 토핑으로 올려 오독오독 씹히는 식감도 놓치지 않았답니다. 언뜻 새까만 비주얼이 낯설게 느껴질 수도 있지만, 한 입 맛보는 순간 입안을 가득 채우는 고소한 풍미에 푹 빠질 거예요.

      Greating’s rule

      • 그리팅 원칙- 영양죽
      • 검은콩, 흑미, 흑임자 블랙푸드 3종 사용
      • 설탕을 넣지 않은 재료 본연의 맛

      이런 점이 달라요

      • 100% 국산 서리태
      • 히말라야산 친환경 암염소금
      • 땅콩을 갈아 넣어 한층 고소한 맛

      Greating’s pick

      • 검은콩: 이소플라본, 시스테인
      • 흑미: 비타민B1, B2, 철, 아연, 셀레늄
      • 흑임자: 칼슘, 안토시아닌

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      2. 기호에 따라 올리고당 또는 소금을 넣어 드세요

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