Body Cream - Rose Blooming (180ml, 60ml x 3)
Body Cream - Rose Blooming (180ml, 60ml x 3)

Body Cream - Rose Blooming (180ml, 60ml x 3)

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All skin type

Elastic moisture body care for all seasons.

*Rose blooming scent - the delicate aftertaste of roses in full bloom in the sunshine

      BRAND STORY:  

      Toun 28 values to seek healthy beauty to benefit people and the environment. TOUN28 takes a step further in action in this era of the environment. After meticulous and rigorous screening by The Vegan Society®, the oldest and most active VEGAN organization globally, TOUN28 has been registered by The Vegan Society® with about 20 products. Vegan products do not use animal or animal-derived ingredients, including meat, fish, honey, eggs, and dairy products, and are crafted from natural and plant-based ingredients.
    • Organic
    • 100% Plastic-free except for cap
    • Eco-friendly paper or glass packaging
    • Never tested on animals
    • Registered by The Vegan Society®
    • Products are crafted from natural and plant-based ingredients
    • CGMP, ISO 22717 certificated
    • CPNP certificates for the EU

      톤 28은 사람과 환경에 유익한 건강한 아름다움을 위해 행동하는데 가치를 두고 있습니다. 전 세계에서 가장 활발하게 활동하고 있는 가장 오래된 VEGAN 조직 영국 비건 협회(The Vegan Society)의 꼼꼼하고 엄격한 심사를 거쳐 약 20여 개 제품에 대해 The Vegan Society 인증을 획득하였습니다. Vegan 인증 제품은 육류, 어류, 꿀, 달걀, 유제품을 포함한 동물 또는 동물유래 원료를 사용하지 않으며 식물성 천연, 천연유래 원료로 빚어냅니다. 톤28은 바른 먹거리 성분으로만 바를거리를 빚어내고 있습니다. 피부 트러블과 자극을 일으킬 수 있는 합성방부제와 인공향, 인공색소는 철저히 배제했습니다.


      Weight: 235g

      Country of Origin: Korea 

      Purified water, Glycerin, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cetearyl olivate, Sorbitan olivate, Phyto squalane, Pentylene glycol, Betaine, Dicaprylyl carbonate, Sorbitan caprylate, Hizikia fusiforme extract, Sea trumpet extract, Pea peptide, Olive oil, Rose extract, Vanilla fruit extract, Seabuckthron fruit oil, Propanediol, Anise fruit extract, Pear extract, Ivy leaf/stem extract, Sandalwood wood extract, Cetyl palmitate, Hydrogenated vegetable oil, Sorbitan palmitate, Polyglyceryl-10 oleate, Olive oil Unsaponifiables
      Keep in cool and dry place.

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