CculSeam16 Honey Mead 꿀샘16 蜜泉 蜂蜜酒

CculSeam16 Honey Mead 꿀샘16 蜜泉 蜂蜜酒

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"The sweet will melt your body..."

#MadefromRealHoney #SweetHoney #蜜泉蜂蜜酒

[CculSeam16], What kind of flavour?

Fresh lemon and sweet honey characteristics are well harmonized. On your palate, you can find a distinctive honey note and sweetness with a structure and lingering finish.

Can be such a lady's drink or a light digestive after dinner.


[CculSeam16], How do I pair with food?

No worries! The distinctive sweet note does not overwhelm! A heavier dish even Korean steamed port or pizza can work. Korean rice-cake bar and waffle are classic but perfect match. 


[CculSeam16], Story behind it!

Mead, the first alcoholic drink the human-being ever created. 'CculSeam16' is a more approachable version to any consumers.

'CculSeam16' was initially created as a limited special item on Kakaomaker's platform but 'Soolsaem' brewery had no choice to continue the production thanks to its high demand. 


[Tech sheet]

*Shelf life: NIL

*Expiration date: NIL

*ABV: 16%

*Major ingredients: Honey


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