Gogiri Perilla Oil "Makguksu" Buckwheat Noodles (450g, 112.5g x 4)
Gogiri Perilla Oil "Makguksu" Buckwheat Noodles (450g, 112.5g x 4)
Gogiri Perilla Oil "Makguksu" Buckwheat Noodles (450g, 112.5g x 4)
Gogiri Perilla Oil "Makguksu" Buckwheat Noodles (450g, 112.5g x 4)
Gogiri Perilla Oil "Makguksu" Buckwheat Noodles (450g, 112.5g x 4)
Gogiri Perilla Oil "Makguksu" Buckwheat Noodles (450g, 112.5g x 4)

Gogiri Perilla Oil "Makguksu" Buckwheat Noodles (450g, 112.5g x 4)

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  • ‘buckwheat noodles’ leading to the perfect harmony of taste
    They use buckwheat noodle with excellent chewiness and softness.
    The more you chew, the richer the buckwheat's original flavor and aroma.
  • Ottogi ‘perilla oil’ 2021 International Taste Institute (ITQI) 2 STAR certified product
  • Ottogi’s ‘old-fashioned stir-fried sesame seeds’ with a savory flavor
  • Korea Food Research Institute certified ‘special brewed soy sauce’
  • ‘Domestic seaweed powder’ that properly enhances the flavor of seaweed and green seaweed

Gogiri Makguksu is a restaurant specializing in buckwheat noodles located in Gogiri, Yongin, and is an original restaurant famous for perilla oil makguksu. They prepare and use only carefully selected quality and ingredients that will be used on the day, and serve their guests with sincerity in their food.

The product was born with the wishes of ‘how can we make our customers enjoy perilla oil makguksu deliciously and comfortably at home?’

  • Easy to store like ramen
  • Simple preparation of ingredients
  • The price is reasonable
  • Good quality

How to Cook

1. Boil noodles in 1000ml of water (per serving) for 4 minutes.

- If you stir with chopsticks immediately after adding the noodles, the noodles may break, so be careful.
- When boiling water overflows, cook while controlling the intensity of the fire instead of adding cold water.

2. Place the boiled buckwheat noodles on a sieve and rinse with cold water 2-3 times to remove as much water as possible.

- Remove water by squeezing it with both hands.

3. Add Ottogi Perilla Oil and Soy Sauce to the noodles and mix together.

4. Sprinkle seaweed powder evenly over the rubbed noodles.

5. Finish by sprinkling mashed sesame seeds evenly with your hands.

- The sesame must be mashed by hand before opening the packaging to preserve its fragrance.
- Sprinkle sesame seeds as well as seaweed to cover the entire dish.

*Important! Do not rub the seaweed and sesame seeds with the noodles and eat them as they are.


Go to see how Gogi-ri Makguksu owner-chef shows you how to cook the product.

Noodles: Flour (wheat: from USA, Canada), mixed buckwheat powder {buckwheat flour premix A (made in China), mixed buckwheat flour}, gluten, refined salt, other processed products
Mill Perilla Oil: Pressed Perilla Oil (Perilla: Foreign), d-Tocopherol (Mixed Type)
Brewed soy sauce: skim soybeans (foreign), wheat flour (USA), sea salt, other fructose, fermented spirits, yeast
Seasoned sesame: Roasted sesame, seasoning solution for seasoned sesame
Seaweed powder: seasoned seaweed, green seaweed powder

Store in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight 


고기리 막국수는 용인 고기리에 위치한 막국수 전문점으로, 들기름막국수로 유명한 원조 맛집입니다.
엄선된 품질, 당일 사용할 재료만 그때 그때 준비하여 사용하며 음식에 진심을 담아 손님에게 대접합니다.

‘어떻게 하면 손님들이 집에서도 맛있게, 편하게 들기름막국수를 드시게 할 수 있을까?’ 라는 고민을 시작으로 제품이 탄생하게 되었습니다.
- 라면처럼 보관이 쉽고
- 재료 준비가 간단하고
- 가격이 합리적이며
- 품질이 좋은
‘오뚜기 고기리 들기름 막국수’를 소개합니다.

1. 맛의 조화를 완벽으로 이끄는 ‘메밀면’
쫄깃함과 부드러움이 탁월한 면을 사용했습니다.
씹을 수록 더욱 풍부한 메밀 본연의 구수한 맛과 향을 느낄 수 있습니다.

2. 오뚜기 ‘방앗간 들기름’
2021년 국제식음료 품평회(ITQI) 2 STAR 인증제품

3. 고소한 풍미가 살아있는 오뚜기 ‘옛날 볶음참깨’
4. 한국식품연구원 인증 ‘특급 양조간장’
5. 김과 파래의 풍미를 제대로 살려주는 ‘국산 김가루’

How to Cook
1. 물 1000ml (1인분 기준)에 면을 4분간 끓여주세요.
- 면을 넣은 직후 젓가락으로 저으면 면이 부서질 수 있으니 조심해 주세요.
- 끓는물이 넘칠 땐 찬물을 넣는 대신 불의 세기를 조절하며 조리해 주세요.
2. 삶아진 메밀면을 채에 받쳐 찬물로 2~3회 행군 뒤 물기를 최대한 제거해 주세요 .
- 두 손으로 꼭 짜서 물기를 제거해 보세요
3. 면에 오뚜기 방앗간 들기름과 간장을 넣고 함께 비벼 줍니다.
4. 비벼진 면 위에 김가루를 골고르 뿌려주세요.
5. 손으로 비벼서 으깬 참깨를 마지막으로 골고루 뿌려주면 완성
- 참깨는 포장을 뜯기 전 손으로 주물주물 으깨어 주셔야 향이 살아나요
- 참깨도 김과 마찬가지로 요리 전체가 덮이도록 뿌려주세요

김과 참깨는 면과 비비지 말고 그대로 떠서 드세요.

고기리 막국수 대표님이 직접 보여주는 제품 조리 방법 보러가기

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