Gogiri Perilla Oil "Makguksu" Buckwheat Noodles Broth (300g)
Gogiri Perilla Oil "Makguksu" Buckwheat Noodles Broth (300g)

Gogiri Perilla Oil "Makguksu" Buckwheat Noodles Broth (300g)

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Enjoy the unique delicacy of ‘Ottogi Gogiri Perilla Oil Makguksu’!

After eating the finished Ottogi Gogiri Perilla Oil Makguksu, pour in 150g (1/2 bag) of chilled Gogiri Perilla Oil Makguksu broth when there is about 1/3 remaining!

  • Adjust the amount of broth according to your taste.
  • Be sure to refrigerate the remaining broth and consume as soon as possible.


Purified water, beef dashi [refined salt (Korea), soy sauce powder (soybean: foreign)], refined salt (Korea), deep sea kelp broth [dried kelp (from Wando), refined salt (from Korea)], garlic extract, non-concentrate, green onion extract, sodium L-glutamate (flavor enhancer), flavor enhancer

Product of Korea
Weight: 300g
*Store in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.

‘오뚜기 고기리 들기름 막국수’만의 별미 즐기기
완성된 오뚜기 고기리 들기름 막국수를 드시다가 1/3 정도 남은 시점에 차갑게 해둔 고기리 들기름 막국수용 육수 150g (1/2봉) 을 부어 드세요!
- 육수의 양은 취향에 따라 조절해 주세요
- 남은 육수는 반드시 냉장보관 후 빠른 시일 내에 드십시오

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