Gourmet "Ganjang" Soy Sauce (100ml)
Gourmet "Ganjang" Soy Sauce (100ml)
Kim InSoon

Gourmet "Ganjang" Soy Sauce (100ml)

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Kim InSoon’s Gourmet Ganjang is a premium Ganjang product made with onions harvested from the fertile fields of Muan and shitake mushrooms from nearby Jangheung. The onions and shitake mushrooms are added to Kim InSoon's traditional Ganjang (soybeans 100% harvested in Korea and 100% sun-dried salt) and simmered slowly to produce the Gourmet Ganjang. Gourmet Ganjang is the perfect condiment for steamed vegetable salads or a great seasoning for marinating meat. It reduces the need for any added salt and adds a savoury flavor to the dish.

- No additives
- No genetically modified food ingredients
- Sinan sun-dried salt

Ganjang is one of the best known traditional fermented condiments in Korea made with Korean soybeans. The fermentation process uses microbes to make ingredients more digestible and help preserve food for longer periods. In all, fermented products improve the health of people who consume them on a regular basis. In particular, unlike foreign soy sauce products that use additional agents such as cozymase (Japan) or wheat yeast (China) to stimulate fermentation, Korean traditional Ganjang uses fermented soybean lumps only. It is fermented naturally over the course of four different seasons in different temperature and humidity conditions. In short, it is the culmination of Korean traditional food science technology.

Traditional Ganjang produces active components during its maturation process. Research indicates that these active components help Ganjang build up enough saltiness without the need for excessive amounts of added salt.

How to best enjoy this product?

  • You can pickle different ingredients with Ganjang to make some tasty Jangajji (pickles) dishes.

  • You can also enjoy some Dotori Muk (acorn jelly) with Ganjang seasoning.


Fromwell Traditional Conventional Ganjang [Soybeans 95% (Produced in Korea), Sun-dried Salt 5% (Produced in Korea)] 60%, Vegetable Broth Concentrate [Onions (Produced in Korea) 15%, Mushrooms (Produced in Korea) 15%, Kelp (Produced in Korea) 10%, Anchovies (Produced in Korea) 5%, Purified Water 50%] 40%

*Keep refrigerated after opening.

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