Hwayo Soju 25% 화요 소주 火堯燒酒

Hwayo Soju 25% 화요 소주 火堯燒酒

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"Craft soju created by Korean pottery producer"

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[Hwayo Soju 25%], What kind of flavour?

The quality of the soju represents the classic of the traditional Korean soju, not the commercial green bottle with a mass production.

The vacuum distillation allows liquor to capture rich aroma of rice with a hint of sweetness note on the nose.


[Hwayo Soju 25%], How do I pair with food?

The temperature differences deliver different characteristics. More structured and textured on the room-temperature (18-24℃) while more clean and refreshing when it's chilled (5-10℃) 

It has a wide range of capacity to pair with the most of Asian cuisines


[Hwayo Soju 25%], Story behind it!

The Hwayo distillery which is under one of the leading pottery companies in South Korea only uses the finest organic rice and pure spring water drawn from 150 metres underground.


[Tech sheet]

*Shelf life: NIL

*Expiration date: NIL

*ABV: 25%

*Major ingredients: Rice 

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