"Jochung" Rice syrup (230g)

"Jochung" Rice syrup (230g)

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Jochung is a traditional sweetener made using only rice and malt. The liquid from Sikhye is boiled down to make Jochung, which has a mild sweetness that is not overpowering. Jochung is used to make Gochujang (Red Chilli Paste) and can be used as a substitute for sugar, syrup or honey.

You can apply Jochung with rice cakes, or use this healthy syrup on your waffles and pancakes, or even with bread in place of jam.

- No artificial flavor
- Fat-free
- Cholesterol-free
- MSG free

Since 1972, Kisoondo has served premium traditional pastes and sauces. All food are made with the recipe from the 35th official grand master of traditional food in South Korea. The secret recipe has been kept in her family from one generation to another for about 370 years.


Rice, Malt

*Keep refrigerated after opening.

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