Lotus Leaf Nutritious Rice 연잎 영양밥 (241g)
Lotus Leaf Nutritious Rice 연잎 영양밥 (241g)
Lotus Leaf Nutritious Rice 연잎 영양밥 (241g)
Lotus Leaf Nutritious Rice 연잎 영양밥 (241g)
Lotus Leaf Nutritious Rice 연잎 영양밥 (241g)

Lotus Leaf Nutritious Rice 연잎 영양밥 (241g)

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Lotus Leaf Rice is a representative dish of temple food. Rice is cooked by covering domestic lotus leaves that are rich in vitamin C and attractive with a subtle scent, and rolled up as if wrapped in lotus leaves. It is even healthier by using domestic ingredients such as sticky glutinous rice, dried jujube, black rice, and white rice. The lotus root, sweet pumpkin, and pumpkin seeds topped with three colorful toppings give the nutrition of the vegetable and a beautiful visual. In just 4 minutes in the microwave, healthy Lotus Leaf Nutritious Rice is ready!

Greating’s rule
  • Greating's principle-Healthy side dish
  • Power food, etc.
  • Plenty of main ingredients
  • Only anchovy, kelp, vegetable broth
  • Homemade 5-free seasoning * No 5: L-sodium glutamate, caramel color, Aspartame, paraoxy, benzoic acid, flavoring

    This is different

    • Using domestic ingredients such as domestic lotus leaves, dried jujubes, and glutinous rice with an attractive subtle scent


    Greating’s pick
    • Healthy ingredients selected by Greating's Lab
    • Lotus Leaf: Vitamin C, Quercetin, Flavonoids
    • Lotus root: B vitamins, C, mucin
    • Lotus leaf and lotus root, which are rich in vitamins, are used for the lotus leaf nutrition rice!


    How to cook:

    1. Tear off one corner and heat in the microwave for 4 minutes.


    Purified water, glutinous rice (Korea), white rice (Korea), lotus leaf (Korea), lotus root, sweet pumpkin, dark brown rice, walnut, jujube, pumpkin seed, rapeseed oil, roasted salt

    *Keep in the freezer under -18c

      사찰음식의 대표적인 요리인 연잎밥을 선보여요. 비타민C가 풍부하고 은은한 향이 매력적인 국산 연잎을 덮어 밥을 짓고 연잎으로 포장하듯 말아 감쌌어요. 쫀득한 찹쌀을 비롯해 건대추, 흑미, 흰쌀을 국산 재료로 사용해 더욱 건강해요. 알록달록 3가지 토핑으로 올린 연근, 단호박, 호박씨는 채소의 영양과 근사한 비주얼을 선사해요. 전자레인지에 4분만 돌리면 건강한 연잎 영양밥이 뚝딱 완성됩니다!

      Greating’s rule

      • 그리팅 원칙-건강반찬
      • 파워푸드 등 아낌없이
      • 듬뿍 넣은 메인 식재료
      • Only 멸치, 다시마, 채소육수
      • 직접 만든 5無첨가 양념
      • * 5無 : L-글루탐산나트륨, 캐러멜색소,
      • 아스파탐, 파라옥시안식향산, 착향료

      Greating’s pick

      • 이런 점이 달라요
      • 은은한 향이 매력적인 국산 연잎, 건대추, 찹쌀 등 국산 재료 사용

      Greating’s pick

      • 그리팅Lab 선정 건강 식재료
      • 연잎: 비타민C, 퀘세틴, 플라보노이드
      • 연근: 비타민B군, C, 뮤신
      • 연잎 영양밥에는 비타민이 풍부한 연잎과 연근을 사용했어요!

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