Mixed Korean Grains (500g)
Local Jungmiso

Mixed Korean Grains (500g)

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Blending of 4 fresh Korean grains: Oats, millet, sorghum, and barley - 4 kinds of healthy grains in one pack! All grains from the local rice mill are airlifted from the village of honest farmers in ‘Goesan, Chungcheongbuk-do’.

About Local Jungmiso

  • They sell freshly milled rice.
  • Discover and introduce honest producers
  • They will find the rice that suits your taste by type
  • You can purchase customized rice you want.
  • They work together to restore native seeds
  • It is a preliminary social enterprise that finds the social value of food and pursues coexistence between urban and rural areas.

동네 정미소는
- 갓 도정한 신선한 쌀을 판매해요
- 정직한 생산자를 발굴해 소개해요
- 품종별로 취향에 맞는 쌀을 찾아드려요
- 원하는 분도의 쌀을 맞춤구매할 수 있어요
- 토종씨앗을 복원하는 일을 함께해요
- 먹거리의 사회적가치를 찾고 도농상생을 추구하는 예비사회적기업이에요

국내산 신선햇곡 4종 블렌딩
귀리, 기장, 찰수수, 보리 4종의 건강잡곡이 한 팩에!
동네 정미소의 모든 잡곡은 정직한 농부님들의 마을, ‘충북 괴산’에서 공수합니다.


Ingredients: Rice 50%, Brown rice 20%, Glutinous rice 30%

Store in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.

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