Plum "Ganjang" Soy Sauce 김인순 매실간장 (200ml)
Kim InSoon

Plum "Ganjang" Soy Sauce 김인순 매실간장 (200ml)

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Kim InSoon Plum Soy Sauce is made with mother's heart and carefully selected ingredients such as abundant seafood from the West and South Seas, and grains and vegetables grown in clean and fertile soil. You can feel the rich taste and rich umami of fresh ingredients as it is made by hand-made method by putting ingredients in traditional red pepper paste.

- No additives
- No genetically modified food ingredients
- Sinan sun-dried salt


Mixed soybean paste 33.4% (domestic production), traditional Korean soy sauce 33,3% [soybean 96% (domestic production), sea salt 4% (domestic production).] Brewed Soy Sauce 33 3%


Storage Notice:

*Keep refrigerated (4° C or below) for storage. (recommended)

*Open the product once before storage at room temperature, to avoid any damage. (This is a natural fermented product, carbon dioxide creates an increase of pressure within the fermentation jar, if not released, can cause the jar to explode)

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