Premium Sea Salt 'Lo' Grinder - Truffle (60g)
Premium Sea Salt 'Lo' Grinder - Truffle (60g)
Premium Sea Salt 'Lo' Grinder - Truffle (60g)
Premium Sea Salt 'Lo' Grinder - Truffle (60g)

Premium Sea Salt 'Lo' Grinder - Truffle (60g)

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  • Used domestic bay salt
  • 4% added dry truffle
  • Direct collection from the truffle-growing district
  • Diverse flavory with only a small amount

Truffle is one of the top 3 delicacies along with caviar and foie gras, also called the "diamonds in the ground." Unlike ordinary mushrooms, the value of truffles is very high as it grows 30 cm under the ground and take about 7 years to grow to a suitable size. Artificial cultivation of truffles is impossible. The true value of truffle is not in its shape or taste but in its scent. It has a rich and deep flavor that is praised as 'the smell of earth felt in deep forests', and only a small amount of the truffle is enough to affect the flavor of the dish.

Brand Information: 

The pure bay salt HAEYEAREUM is a salt derived by evaporating seawater in the natural sun and wind only in Docho, Sinan-gun, where it has been designated as a bio-conservation area by UNESCO. HAEYEAREUM stands for the meaning of the fruit of sea, which implies a clean and safe eco-friendly brand that concerns about the health of customers. HAEYEAREUM salt are aged 5 years with optimum mineral balance and naturally reduces sea water balance content to 5%. It has a little sweet aftertaste and low salinity. There is no artificial dehydration, washing or bleaching procedures during the process.

HAEYEAREUM’s bay salt is certified by FSSC 22000. FSSC 22000 is a food safety management system approved by the international Food Safety Association(GFSI). Since December 2018, ithasreceived FSSC 22000 certification, and theyare working to meet stringent food safety procedures from production of all products to consumers. HAEYEAREUM’s pure salt [LO] stands for the Chinese character meaning of salt and the salt field. There are three different interpretation about the word [LO]. [Law] means safe salt that has undergone a through and clean supply process. [Raw] means natural salt. [Low] means salt with a low sodium chloride content.

How to use: 

  1. Hold the bottom of the grinder lid and open the entire lid to remove the sealing paper. 
  2. After closing the lid, open the top thin lid. You can adjust the particle size by turning the white lever. 
  3. Hold the stainless steel part and rotate the glass container part clockwise to spray. 
    *After using the salt, you can wash the grinder with water and refill it and use it again. 

Ingredients: Sea salt (Korea)96%, truffle (Italy) 2%, truffle oil (Italy)2%

Product of Korea

*Keep refrigerated after opening. 

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