"Jukyeom" Roasted Bamboo Salt 기순도 죽염 (140g)
"Jukyeom" Roasted Bamboo Salt 기순도 죽염 (140g)
"Jukyeom" Roasted Bamboo Salt 기순도 죽염 (140g)

"Jukyeom" Roasted Bamboo Salt 기순도 죽염 (140g)

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The two ingredients that go into producing "Jukyeom" Bamboo Salt are bamboo trees and hand-harvested solar sea salt. Kisoondo Jukyeom uses high-quality trees from Damyang, known for its bamboo, and sea salt harvested from the west coast of Korea.

Salt is packed into the bamboo and roasted for 3-4 days in an ochre kiln under extremely high temperature in order to rid the salt of impurities and bitterness while adding the sweetness of the bamboo. The process provides Jukyeom with a depth in flavor that cannot be found in regular table salt.

In Korean folk medicine, trace elements in the yellow clay and bamboo are thought to make this form of salt healthier. Historically, bamboo salt has been used as a digestive aid, styptic, disinfectant or dentifrice. Bamboo salt is said to contain over 70 healthy minerals much higher than sea salt.

- No artificial flavor
- Fat-free
- Cholesterol-free
- MSG free

Since 1972, Kisoondo has served premium traditional pastes and sauces. All food are made with the recipe from the 35th official grand master of traditional food in South Korea. The secret recipe has been kept in her family from one generation to another for about 370 years.


Roasted Bamboo Salt

*Keep refrigerated after opening.

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