[Samwongarden] Beef Jerky - Mild 삼원가든 육포 순한맛 (50g)
[Samwongarden] Beef Jerky - Mild 삼원가든 육포 순한맛 (50g)
[Samwongarden] Beef Jerky - Mild 삼원가든 육포 순한맛 (50g)
[Samwongarden] Beef Jerky - Mild 삼원가든 육포 순한맛 (50g)
[Samwongarden] Beef Jerky - Mild 삼원가든 육포 순한맛 (50g)

[Samwongarden] Beef Jerky - Mild 삼원가든 육포 순한맛 (50g)

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  • Samwon Garden's unique secret recipe
  • [Samwon Garden] Mild Galbi-flavored Jerky
  • The beef jerky made with its own special sauce and carefully dried is thick but soft and moist, and the more you chew, the richer and deeper the flavor of the jerky comes out. These are individually wrapped snacks that fit snugly in your bag and can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.



    Beef 86.64% (Korea), Jerky Seasoning [Sugar, Refined Salt (Korea), Beef Seasoning Powder {Refined Salt (Korea), Beef Extract (Beef: Australia)}, HVP YQ, Spice Mix], Sugar, Rib-flavored seasoning fine powder 0.69% [bulgalbi-flavored inscription {bulgalbi seasoning powder (barbecue flavor seasoning powder (charcoal barbecue flavor seasoning powder (alpha wheat starch (wheat starch: foreign))))}, garlic powder (made in China)], soy protein, Mixed formulation [refined salt, sodium nitrite (coloring agent), sodium carbonate]

    *Keep in the freezer under -18c

    How to cook:

    1. Tear off the end of the wrapping paper and put it in the microwave for 5 seconds.
    2. You can feel the rich flavor of the meat by lightly roasting it in a frying pan.
    3. Serve with hot pepper and mayonnaise according to your preference.


    [삼원가든]순한 갈비맛 육포
    Beef Jerky (mild)
    삼원가든만의 고유 비법 레시피
    [삼원가든] 순한 갈비맛 육포
    고유 특제소스를 발라 정성껏 말려 만든 육포는 도톰하지만 부드럽고 촉촉해 씹을수록 육포의 고소하고 깊은 감칠맛이 우러나옵니다. 개별 포장되어 가방 속에 쏙 들어가 언제 어디서든 즐길 수 있는 100점짜리 간식입니다.

    How to Cook
    포장지 끝을 조금 뜯어 전자레인지에 5초만 돌려주세요
    프라이팬에 살짝 구우면 더욱 풍부한 고기맛을 느낄 수 있어요.
    기호에 따라 청양고추, 마요네즈를 곁들여 색다르게 드셔보세요.

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