[Samwongarden] Tteokgalbi (260g, 130g x 2)
[Samwongarden] Tteokgalbi (260g, 130g x 2)
[Samwongarden] Tteokgalbi (260g, 130g x 2)
[Samwongarden] Tteokgalbi (260g, 130g x 2)
[Samwongarden] Tteokgalbi (260g, 130g x 2)

[Samwongarden] Tteokgalbi (260g, 130g x 2)

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  • From the sincerity of Samwon Garden, which has a taste of history and tradition, is put into Tteokgalbi.
  • The seasoning naturally permeates the meat that has been kneaded for a long time, giving it a chewy elasticity and the original flavor of the meat. 



    Pork ribs (Korean) 27.06%, pork hind leg (Korean) 26.92%, beef tallow (Korea) 13.5%, sugar, brewed soy sauce [skimmed soybean, wheat, sea salt, other fructose, fermented spirits], onion, leek, other processed products, Garlic, starch syrup, sesame oil, sodium L-glutamate (flavor enhancer), natural spices

    *Keep in the freezer under -18c

    How to cook:

    Microwave cooking
    1. Transfer the thawed product to a microwave-only container and cook for 2 minutes. (based on 700W)

    When cooking in a frying pan
    1. Place the thawed product on a heated frying pan and bake for 4 to 5 minutes, turning the front and back sides to golden brown.

    Air fryer cooking
    1. Put the thawed product in the air fryer preheated to 190 degrees and cook for 9 to 10 minutes.


    [삼원가든] 떡갈비
    역사와 전통의 맛을 보유한 삼원가든의 정성을 떡갈비에 고스란히 담았습니다.
    오랜시간을 치댄 고기에 양념이 자연스럽게 스며들어 쫄깃한 탄력감과 고기 본연의 풍미를 갖췄습니다. 지글지글 구운 먹음직스러운 떡갈비를 지금 확인 하세요.

    How to Cook
    전자레인지 조리시
    해동 된 제품을 전자레인지 전용 용기에 옮겨 담아 2분간 조리하여 드세요. (700W 기준)
    프라이팬 조리시
    해동 된 제품을 달궈진 프라이팬에 올린 후 4~5분간 앞뒤를 뒤집어가며 노릇하게 구워주세요.
    에어프라이어 조리시
    해동 된 제품을 190도로 예열한 에어프라이어에 넣어 9~10분간 조리하여 드세요.

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