"Ssamjang" Spicy Soybean Paste 기순도 쌈장(파우치) (230g)
"Ssamjang" Spicy Soybean Paste 기순도 쌈장(파우치) (230g)

"Ssamjang" Spicy Soybean Paste 기순도 쌈장(파우치) (230g)

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With the deep, various flavour of Doenjang (Soybean Paste), funky, sweet-spicy flavour of Gochujang (Red Chilli Paste) and the rich flavour of Ganjang (Soy Sauce) together with another extra layer of scent of sesame oil - Ssamjang (Spicy Soybean Paste) is not only the hands-down most popular dipping sauce for ssam, the Korean style of wrapping rice and meat with vegetables and a great ingredient to add a funky flavour to various dishes.

- No artificial flavor
- Fat-free
- Cholesterol-free
- MSG free

Since 1972, Kisoondo has served premium traditional pastes and sauces. All food are made with the recipe from the 35th official grand master of traditional food in South Korea. The secret recipe has been kept in her family from one generation to another for about 370 years.


Soybeans, Salt, Glutinous Rice, Red Pepper Powder, Fermented Soybean Powder, Bamboo Salt, Soy Sauce, Rice, Maltt, Sesame Oil

*Keep refrigerated after opening.


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