Stir Fried Deodeok (Codonopsis) "Gochujang" Red Chili Paste 김인순 더덕볶음고추장 (250g)
Kim InSoon

Stir Fried Deodeok (Codonopsis) "Gochujang" Red Chili Paste 김인순 더덕볶음고추장 (250g)

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The stir fried Deodeok (Codonopsis) Gochujang features 35% Deodeok, which is low in fat and rich in dietary fiber. It is the ideal condiment for meat-based dishes with high cholesterol content. Deodeok also offers more nutrients when dried. When dried, the natural sweetness of Deodeok increases, adding an extra savoury flavor. Also, its aroma becomes more intense.

- No additives
- Low in sodium
35% Deodeok (Codonopsis) 

Deodeok is rich in dietary fibers and has a fantastic chewy texture. They are known as the “meat from the forest.” Traditionally, Deodeok was used for medicinal purposes in Korean herbal medicine. Today, however, it is used as an ingredient for a variety of tasty dishes. Gochujang neutralizes the slightly spicy and bitter taste of Deodeok. The delicious stir fried Gochujang blends together well with Deodeok, which is alkaline in terms of chemical composition, and it brings out the fragrant aroma of Deodeok, making it the perfect condiment for meat-based dishes.

Premium-grade Gochujang, featuring an outstanding texture, was traditionally consumed in the royal palace. Historical records show that the royal family enjoyed a variety of vegetables with this premium-grade Gochujang.

When harvested, Deodeok has tough fibers that make it hard to consume. To make it easier for people to eat, Deodeok is chopped into small pieces. Meanwhile, the Gochujang is stir fried slowly in a broth made with anchovies. This means, the stir fried Gochujang has lower sodium content compared to standard Gochujang. It goes well as a condiment with not only Bibimbap or vegetable Ssambap (vegetable-wrapped rice), but also Ddeok (rice cake) or other stir fried meat without any additional ingredients.


Gochujang 50%[Red Pepper Powder 35% (Produced in Korea), Sticky Rice 40% (Produced in Korea), Fermented Soybean Powder 10% (Soybeans/Produced in Korea), Malt 7% (Produced in Korea), Sun-dried Salt 5% (Produced in Korea)], Deodeok 35% (Produced in Korea), Sunchang Premium Gochujang 10%, Sesame Seed Oil 2% (Sesame Seeds/Produced in China), Perilla Seeds 2% (Produced in Korea), Garlic 1% (Produced in Korea)

*Keep refrigerated after opening.

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