Stir Fried Korean Beef "Gochujang" Red Chili Paste 김인순 한우볶음고추장 (250g)
Stir Fried Korean Beef "Gochujang" Red Chili Paste 김인순 한우볶음고추장 (250g)
Kim InSoon

Stir Fried Korean Beef "Gochujang" Red Chili Paste 김인순 한우볶음고추장 (250g)

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Kim InSoon's Stir Fried Korean Beef Gochujang features 100% Gochujang (Red Chili Paste) produced in Korea and 35% high-quality Korean beef. It tastes great and is recommended for various vegetable and meat dishes.

- No additives
- 35% high-quality Korean beef 
- Sinan sun-dried salt

Stir Fried "Gochujang" Red Chili Paste with Korean Beef boasts an outstanding savoury flavor thanks to the high-quality ground Korean beef infused into a Gochujang base.

Premium-grade Gochujang, featuring syrup made from barley malt and no other artificial sweeteners, was traditionally consumed in the royal palace. Historical records show that the royal family enjoyed a variety of vegetables with this premium-grade Gochujang.

Gochujang is stir fried using a broth made with kelp and meat. It has lower sodium content than standard Gochujang, and it goes well as a condiment with not only Bibimbap or vegetable Ssambap (vegetable-wrapped rice), but also Ddeok (rice cake) or other stir fried meat without any additional ingredients.

Jangheung is an eco-friendly city that focuses on developing its agricultural, forestry, and fisheries industries. Although industrial development is slow, it offers a great geographical environment for growing high-quality beef using a livestock breeding technique called the natural circulation method.


Gochujang 50%[Red Pepper Powder 35% (Produced in Korea), Sticky Rice 40% (Produced in Korea), Fermented Soybean Powder 10% (Soybeans/Produced in Korea), Malt 7% (Produced in Korea), Sun-dried Salt 5% (Produced in Korea)], Beef 35% (Produced in Korea), Sunchang Premium Gochujang 10%, Sesame Seed Oil 2% (Sesame Seeds/Produced in China), Perilla Seeds 2% (Produced in Korea), Garlic 1% (Produced in Korea)

*Keep refrigerated after opening.

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