Stir-fried Seafood and Vegetable Rice  (300g)
Stir-fried Seafood and Vegetable Rice  (300g)
Stir-fried Seafood and Vegetable Rice  (300g)
Stir-fried Seafood and Vegetable Rice  (300g)
Stir-fried Seafood and Vegetable Rice  (300g)

Stir-fried Seafood and Vegetable Rice (300g)

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Palbochae (八寶菜) is a dish that got its name because it was made with 8 precious ingredients. Various vegetables such as shiitake mushrooms and bamboo shoots are added to mini cuttlefish (baby-ika), shrimp, and conch meat, and then stir-fried with homemade oyster sauce and tofu sauce. Instead of caramel coloring and sugar, I thought about health by using oyster sauce made with squid ink and allulose, and doubanjiang made with domestic red pepper powder and soybean paste.

Greating’s rule

  • Greatings principle-Healthy side dish

This is different
  • Homemade oyster sauce, tofu sauce, red pepper oil
  • 100% chicken stock

Greating’s pick

  • Healthy ingredients selected by the Greating Lab
  • Shrimp: Vitamin A, E, Chitosan, Calcium
  • Cuttlefish: Taurine, EPA, DHA
  • Bamboo shoots: taurine, dietary fiber
  • Bambooshoots, mini cuttlefish (Is it baby), and 100% chicken broth were used for the Palbochae Don sauce!

How to cook:

  1. Tear off one corner and heat in the microwave for 5 minutes.


Purified water, onion (Korea), chicken broth {chicken bone (Korean), green onion (Korean), garlic, whole pepper, bay leaf} Beibika (Vietnamese), red pepper oil (rape oil, green onion, red pepper powder, garlic, ginger), king pine Mushrooms, bok choy, tofu sauce, oyster sauce, bamboo shoots, white prawns, scallion, shiitake, modified starch, garlic, oligosaccharide, Korean soy sauce, green onion, sesame oil, dried red pepper, processed grain products, white pepper powder, aroma yield


*Keep in the freezer under -18c



    팔보채(八寶菜)는 8가지 귀한 재료로 만들었다고 해서 이름 붙여진 요리예요. 미니갑오징어(베이비이까), 새우, 소라살에 표고버섯, 죽순 등 갖가지 채소를 넣은 후 직접 만든 굴소스와 두반장으로 볶았어요. 카라멜 색소와 설탕 대신 오징어 먹물과 알룰로스로 만든 굴소스와 국산 고춧가루, 된장으로 만든 두반장을 사용해 건강까지 생각했어요.

    직접 만든 굴소스, 두반장소스, 고추기름 사용

    • 100% 닭육수 사용
    • 새우: 비타민A, E, 키토산, 칼슘
    • 갑오징어: 타우린, EPA, DHA
    • 죽순: 킬륨, 타우린, 식이섬유
    • 팔보채 덮밥소스에는 죽순과 미니 갑오징어(베이비이까), 100% 닭육수를 사용했어요!

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