Traditional "Doenjang" Soybean Paste (500g)
Traditional "Doenjang" Soybean Paste (500g)
Kim InSoon

Traditional "Doenjang" Soybean Paste (500g)

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Made with soybeans harvested in the pristine Jangheung region (less industrialized, less polluted region) and sun-dried salt from the Sinan region in Jeollanam-do, Kim InSoon's paste products serve up some truly special flavors.

- No additives
- No genetically modified food ingredients
- Sinan sun-dried salt

Doenjang is one of Korea’s best known fermented food products. The fermentation process uses microbes to make ingredients more digestible and help preserve food for longer periods. In all, fermented products improve the health of people who consume them on a regular basis.

Korean traditional Doenjang (soybean paste) goes through a primary fermenting process, which involves making lumps of fermented soybeans, then a secondary fermenting process, where the fermented soybean lumps are soaked in salty water for a ‘salting-mixing-maturing’ process. To produce Doenjang with any sort of value as a consumable product, it takes at least a year from start to finish. Excellence of long-term fermented traditional ‘Doenjang’ (Science inside our traditions, April 30, 2012, Kyohaksa) Not only that, Doenjang tastes and smells different depending on the region and environment it is produced in.

How to best enjoy this product?

  • Add some Doenjang and vegetables of your choice in a savory broth to make a delicious pot of Doenjang Jjigae (stew).

  • Also, you can add Doenjang to some freshly steamed vegetables for a Korean-style salad.


Soybeans 97% (Produced in Korea), Sun-dried Salt 3% (Produced in Korea)

*Keep refrigerated after opening.

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