Traditional "Gochujang" Red Chili Paste 김인순 전통고추장 (500g)
Traditional "Gochujang" Red Chili Paste 김인순 전통고추장 (500g)
Kim InSoon

Traditional "Gochujang" Red Chili Paste 김인순 전통고추장 (500g)

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Gochujang is perhaps the best-known traditional fermented condiment in Korea.

- No additives
- No genetically modified food ingredients
- Sinan sun-dried salt

Produced since the 1700s, Gochujang has been one of the best-known traditional fermented condiments in Korea for more than 300 years.

Gochujang is a composite seasoning product that features a great blend of a naturally sweet taste from the carbohydrates in the barley malt added to the paste, savory taste from the protein from fermented soybeans, spicy taste from the red peppers, and salty taste from salt.

Kim InSoon's Gochujang tastes particularly savory thanks to the distinct soil and water quality its ingredients are produced from and its traditional production techniques. It becomes the base for the Stir Fried Gochujang that is infused with other ingredients that are sourced conveniently from local producers. Each year, Kim InSoon's Gochujang products are produced with great care and sold on the market.

How to best enjoy this product?

  • Cook some rice, add plenty of vegetables,
    and add a spoonful of Stir Fried Gochujang to enjoy a quick Bibimbap dish.

  • You can eat a wide variety of leafy vegetables with your Gochujang.


Red Pepper Powder (Produced in Korea) 40%, Sticky Rice (Produced in Korea) 20%, Fermented Soybean Powder (Produced in Korea) 15%, Sun-dried Salt (Produced in Korea)10%, Malt (Produced in Korea), Purified Water

*Keep refrigerated after opening.

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