Yugi Cutlery (Spoon, Folk, Knife, Chopsticks)

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This cutlery set is consisted with spoon, chopsticks, folk, and knife. The naturally elegant gold color of Bang Tsa YuGi makes your dinning table bright and shine.  


Hannot's Bang Tsa YuGi cutlery is made by melting 99.9% pure copper (78%) and tin (22%) at a high temperature of 1200℃, then tapping and spreading it with a hammer in a flame over 600℃. The cutlery created in this way sterilize Escherichia coli, which causes food poisoning, and release minerals necessary for the body. 



Bang Tsa YuGi  is considered difficult to use because it is stained easily. However, you can easily remove stain by scrubbing it with a scrubber and then dry it with a dry cloth. If you don't use it often, wash it off thoroughly, and then wrap it with plastic wrap or wrap it with newspaper, and put it in a plastic bag for storage. Please be careful that putring in soy sauce, soy sauce, and vinegar for a long time it causes the color change.


Ø 43 x 210 mm (spoon)
219 mm x 2 (chopsticks)
28 x 207 mm (folk)
15 x 220 mm (knife) 
Material: copper(78%), tin(22%)
Country of Origin: Korea 
Brand: Hannot
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