Master Kisoondo has preserved the Yang Jin Jae family’s 360-year legacy through an aesthetic of patience and a belief in the foundational culinary importance of the fermented pastes and sauces collectively known as Jang. Her 47 years of dedication are symbolized by the thousands of Sun-soaked, Jang-filled ceramic pots outside the family house.

Beans, water, and salt. The ingredients that go into making paste are simple, yet the process is laborious: one must soak the beans in water, shape the cooked soybeans into Meju, and repeat the process, over and over again. Each iteration evinces a tradition and sincerity unique to the family method, passed down over generations. 

Master Kisoondo’s Jinjang, a soy sauce aged over five years, is recognized for its taste and historical value, achieving a status beyond cooking ingredients.