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About Us

Brings Joy, Delivers Taste, Conveys Story.

BOTTARI is a reinterpretation of old Korean merchants carrying tied bundles full of rousing food, objects, and stories. We bring joy by carrying and sharing the taste we miss, affection, stories, and products.

In the time of globalization and pandemic, BOTTARI is the reappearance of street merchant carrying bundle of products from different parts of the world, especially those that are trendy, yet close to our daily life; and bring to you.  

Bottari는 Curation Merchant, 보따리 장수의 현대적 재현으로, 보따리 안에는 눈이 휘둥그레질 만큼, 놀랍고 재미있는 음식, 물건, 그리고 이야기들이 들어있습니다. 그리운 맛, 달가운 정과 맛있는 이야기 그리고 멋이 있는 물건을 통해 기쁨을 전하고 있습니다.

글로벌, 코로나의 시대에 다시 등장한 디지털, 온라인 기반의 보따리 장수, 전 세계의 모든 제품, 그 중에서도 일상과 관련한 핫한 제품들을 다루는 브랜드 입니다.


"TOP 100 TASTES TO TRY BEFORE YOU DIE" –Toronto Life Magazine Established in 1948, Kozlik's Mustard has remained family owned and operated to this day, producing hand-made mustard in small batches. Though we have added a variety of flavours over the years, our process and recipe has not changed in over 60 years, nor has our commitment to sourcing the finest quality ingredients to make the best-tasting mustard possible. Crafting mustards with 100% Canadian mustard seed and sourcing ingredients from local suppliers Kozlik's Mustard is deeply committed to natural ingredients and socially responsible business practices. Kozlik's mustards are non-GMO, gluten-free, and contain absolutely no additives or preservatives.

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