"Gamip-cha" Persimmon Leaf Tea
TEA Collective

"Gamip-cha" Persimmon Leaf Tea

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Gamip­-cha, or persimmon leaf tea, is a healthy herbal tea full of natural nutrients like Vitamin C. It can be enjoyed throughout the day or before and after meals, and offers a subtle earthy flavor and aroma.

"TEA Collective" to Hong Kong's Tea Lovers. "Tea Collective" is a Korean tea brand, which collaborates with local tea farms in Korea to make not only delicious for your mouth but also beneficial to your body. 

Tea Collective studies the possibilities of Korean tea with local tea farms who produce honest and quality products. Through this, Tea Collective introduces excellent Korean tea products to overseas tea lovers and at the same time creates a creative and trendy tea culture.

The product is an 80*150 size paper box with a capacity of 40g, and you can have about 20 cups of it.

How to brew your tea:

  • 2-3g of persimmon leaf tea and 150-200ml of water are suitable depending on your preference and can be brewed 4-5 times.
  • If consumed at once, brew 2-3 g of persimmon leaf tea (2 teaspoons) with 300 ml of water for 3-4 minutes.
  • In the case of sharing, the same amount of 2-3g is used for 50 seconds when you drink the first brew.
  • From the second time, it is recommended to brew for about 1 minute. Until the second time, the characteristic crimson color of persimmon leaf tea appears, and thereafter, it gradually turns green. Let the tea brew until the color is gone.
  • If you drink it as iced tea, the method is the same as if you drink it hot, and you can adjust the amount of water less.


Dried persimmon leaves

*Store in a cool and dry place.

Packaging Size: 80x150mm 
Weight: 40g(products) + 80g(package)
The expiration date is 2 years form the date of manufacture.


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