Drip Bag Coffee (72g, 12g x 6ea)
Drip Bag Coffee (72g, 12g x 6ea)
Drip Bag Coffee (72g, 12g x 6ea)

Drip Bag Coffee (72g, 12g x 6ea)

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Everything Good coffee beans in the drip bag.

Just place the drip bag to a cup, pour hot water. Easy and delicious. Really.

Pre-order: from November 11(Thu) to 19(Fri)

1st round delivers: late November/early December

How to make your coffee:

1. Cut the perforation line at the top of the drip bag and open it.

2. Pull both sides of the bottom of the paper clip to fix it on the cup.

3. Pour about 30ml of hot water (92-94 degrees), wet it evenly, and pour 180ml-200ml of water 2-4 times after 30 seconds.

    Ingredients: 100% coffee beans ( El Salvador 40% 30% Costa Rica)

    *Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place.

    Weight: 72g, 12g x 6ea
    The expiration date is 1 year from the date of manufacture.


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    종류: 드립커피
    수량: 1Box (6ea)
    중량: 120g (원두 72g, 12gx6)

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