Fritz Holiday Gift Set
Fritz Holiday Gift Set
Fritz Holiday Gift Set
Fritz Holiday Gift Set

Fritz Holiday Gift Set

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Holiday Gift presented by Fritz for any coffee lovers. This festive set includes:

  • Drip Bag Coffee 12g x 6ea
  • Teabag Coffee 5g x 10ea
  • Mug x 2
  • Shopping Bag x 1


Drip Bag Coffee
Everything Good coffee beans in the drip bag. Just place the drip bag to a cup, pour hot water. Easy and delicious. Really.

Ingredients: 100% coffee beans ( El Salvador 40% 30% Costa Rica)
Weight: 72g, 12g x 6

Teabag Coffee
Put a tea bag in a glass and pour only water. Subtle flavor comes alive. Easy and delicious. Really.

Ingredients: 100% coffee beans (60% Costa Rica, 20% El Salvador)
Weight: 50g, 5g x 10

*Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place.

The expiration date is 1 year from the date of manufacture.



Fritz Drip Bag Coffee (12g x 6ea) 드립백
잘되어가시나 원두를 드립백에 담았습니다.
드립백을 잔에 고정 후 물을 세번으로 나눠 부어주세요. 신선한 풍미가 살아납니다.
쉽고 맛있습니다. 정말로

종류: 드립커피
수량: 1Box (6ea)
중량: 120g (원두 72g, 12gx6)

Fritz Coffee Teabag 티백
잘되어가시나 원두를 티백에 담았습니다.
잔에 티백을 넣고 물만 부어주세요. 은은한 풍미가 살아납니다.
쉽고 맛있습니다. 정말로.

종류: 티백커피
수량: 1Box (10ea)
중량: 88g (원두 50g, 5gx10)

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