Goesan Corn Makgeolli 괴산 찰옥수수 막걸리 玉米米酒

Goesan Corn Makgeolli 괴산 찰옥수수 막걸리 玉米米酒

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"Rice wine with a full of corn flavour produced in Goesan"

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[Goesan Corn Makgeolli], What kind of flavour?

Full of savoury, sweet, steamed corn aroma will even remind you of savoury corn butter. But the acidity balance out the flavour components retaining its freshness. 

The harmony of the flavour between corn and rice will satisfy your imagination.


[Goesan Corn Makgeolli], How do I pair with food?

The harmony of the flavour between sweet corn and rice makes it ideal as a partner with savoury food and even sweet dessert.

It also pairs well with a diverse Korean cuisine that is normally considered good to be enjoyed with a rice wine including the stir-fried spicy pork, Kimchi pancake, etc.


[Goesan Corn Makgeolli], Story behind it!

Sejong Ricewine (조은술 세종 양조장), the producer of the rice wine, is an organic-certified brewery with the eco-friendly philosophy.

Sejong, the name of the brewery is dedicated to King Sejong's effort to create the 'Korean letter (한글)'


[Tech sheet]

*Shelf life: 1 year from the date of production

*Expiration date: As soon as possible from the shelf life

*ABV: 6%

*Major ingredients: Rice, Corn 


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