Mildam Rum 24% 밀담 럼주 密醰 朗姆酒

Mildam Rum 24% 밀담 럼주 密醰 朗姆酒

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"Have you ever tried Korean rum?"

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[Mildam Rum 24%], What kind of flavour?

The distinctive pronounced level of sweetness from sugar cane flavour will great you first even with a hint of stone fruit-like sweetness aroma. 

But the warming alcohol texture which is a signature character of rum can be found quite straight on your palate:)


[Mildam Rum 24%], How do I pair with food?

The warming alcohol texture of rum is considered best to be paired with food with sweet sauce rather than a highly spicy flavour. Our suggestion will be some marinated meats or seafood,

Or have it as a cocktail base! Coke or Soda can be a good chaser with the rum!


[Mildam Rum 24%], Story behind it!

YC Good Farmer, the brewery of Mildam Rum follows the artisan-like method to produce high quality products including triple times of the vacuum-distillation. All sugar canes used are grown in Korea.

Mildam stands for 'Three' in Goguryeo Dynasty (37BC – 668AD), meaning its long time craftsmanship and the time of the distillation. 


[Tech sheet]

*Shelf life: NIL

*Expiration date: NIL

*ABV: 24%

*Major ingredients: Sugarcane

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