Moon320 Pine Nut Makgeolli 문삼이공 잣 막걸리 韓國新羅松米酒

Moon320 Pine Nut Makgeolli 문삼이공 잣 막걸리 韓國新羅松米酒

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"Harmony of rice & pine nuts made by an artisan producer in Hongcheon, Korea"

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[Moon320 Pine Nut Makgeolli], What kind of flavour?

The pronounced intensity of pine nut aromas performs well with its flavour components of structured acidity, savoriness, and sweetness on the palate. 

The structured texture is balanced with smooth finish with lingering flavour notes of white rice and golden pine nuts. 

[Moon320 Pine Nut Makgeolli], How do I pair with food?

The flavour performs best at chilled temperature around 4℃. The intense, savoury pine nut flavour pairs well a bit of heavy, greasy meat dishes.

Its lovely sweet part of the flavours also matches well with any casual spicy food

[Moon320 Pine Nut Makgeolli], Story behind it!

The variety of the pine nut that is used for 'Moon320 Pine Nut Makgeolli' is known as a golden pine nut which has a deeper colour and more intense flavours.

The brewery is located in Hongcheon, a town in Gangwon-do Province in Korea is well-known for its mountainous terroir and good natural vibes. The producer believes the clean air, water, and soil affect the quality of the rice wine.      


[Tech sheet]

*Shelf life: 1.5 month from the date of production

*Expiration date: As soon as possible from the shelf life

*ABV: 12%

*Major ingredients: Rice, Pine nut 

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