Morry Barley Soju 모리 보리 소주 大麥燒酒

Morry Barley Soju 모리 보리 소주 大麥燒酒

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Barley Soju with ageing in the oak like a whiskey"

#BarleySoju #LightWhiskey #大麥燒酒


[Morry Barley Soju], What kind of flavour?

The delicate, savoury vanilla and spicy oak with a hint of sweetness from barley perfectly harmonize altogether on the nose. 

The distinctive mineral characteristics add complexity on the palate, delivering a beautiful balance rather than too much intensity.


[Morry Barley Soju], How do I pair with food?

We suggest a savoury and delicate dish without a strong kick for you to fully enjoy its overall medium intense and well-balanced characters. 

Steamed seafood or sashimi would be recommended while a delicate type of the soup will always be the best!  


[Morry Barley Soju], Story behind it!

The raw barley locally called Chalbori grown in Buan, Jeollabuk-do in Korea. The fermentation occurs soon after the polishing, resulting in the high quality.

The barley soju shares a lot of similarity with the whiskey, therefore an ideal way to explain the soju will be an approachable version of a whiskey.  


[Tech sheet]

*Shelf life: NIL

*Expiration date: NIL

*ABV: 19%

*Major ingredients: Barley


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